tethered to life  

July 2021

One’s existence determined not by the measure of one’s dreams or abilities, but by the length of an oxygen hose.


at home

June 2021

There is something about falling in love that turns the banal into extrodinary.  Each time I go out to explicitly make photos I fall in love with the world.  Each new element is exciting, each new vision reminds me that I am alive.  To have those same feelings at home, on a day-to-day basis, is truely a gift beyond compare.

bear ridge speedway

May 2021

There is bent metal and banged up knucles.  There is dirt and oil and the smell of exhaust.  Everywhere is the deafaning rumble of engines that care not for efficency or longevity, only performance.  Filtering through the noise and chaos is the announcer calling cars to the line over the PA system.  Then there are the drivers... they are old, seasoned, steely eyed and they are fresh faced, lanky.  Running through the heart of this place is the family - the brothers and sisters, mothers, fathers, uncles and cousins that come out in support every weekend.  They keep the cars running, constantly tweeking and fixing, trying to find that little bit of mechanical magic that might offer an advantage.  They keep the drivers running through their support and their simple presence.  

ky > adk 

Nov. 2020

Road trip from Lexington, KY home to the Adirondacks of NY.  November 8-12, 2020.  I was influenced by the recent election and used the current state of affairs to guide my view.

breeders cup 2020 

self - Nov. 2020

I was hired by a television production company as part of their tech crew.  We built the camera and video infrastructure to broadcast the 2020 Breeders Cup for NBC.  It was a little different than years past as the only spectators allowed were the owners and their guests.  These images capture the people I worked with, the place itstelf and moments from the event.

ct office park  

self -Aug. 2020

I can’t pass on the opportunity to shoot an office park.  Their structure, their architectural artiface and the way they try to incorporate something natural to balance it, these are the elements that attract me.  

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